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May 1st 2020 No Pants Picks

Bandcamp will continue to my favourite place to purchase music for many reasons. Bandcamp has now waived their fees twice to help support the bands, artists and record labels during the COVID19 Pandemic. Bands can't do shows, people are reluctant to buy via record labels because of shipping costs.

This is where NoPantsRecordStoreShopping makes even more sense now!

I know that there are many out there that refuse to buy digital and say it's not the same thing. But if you are using a streaming music, you don't have a valid argument! I follow a lot of record labels on Bandcamp which means my inbox is flooded with TONS of releases. It's hard to keep up. before getting into my picks for this months tweet session of NoPantsRecordStoreShopping check out the list Bandcamp created.

Artists and Labels Offering Donations, Special Merch, and More This Friday

And now for my picks!

BLKJK from Perth, Australia

Hiphop/Electronic/Psychedelic/Industrial Fusion


Kranken Not Stirred from Toronto Canada

If you love comedy and electronic/rock with a nerd flare this band will make you smile.


Fury from California

Hardcore punk - if you like Fugazi, Henry Rollins you might like this


La Rose Jackson from USA

Serious soul music


Cement Shoes from the UK

Gritty hardcore punk, don’t let the intro to the track Smashed on Glass fool you ;)


New track from Christian D and the Sinners from Toronto Canada


New release of some great tracks from the underrated roots reggae and dub guitarist Dennis Bovell


Freak Dream from Vancouver British Columbia

Hardcore Industrial synthpop


S K Y T O N E from Ottawa Canada

Beach Boy shoegaziness



Goth industrial experimental electronica


Do you have all the Bob Mould?

If you don’t you can start completing it with this album!


The Mystery Lights from New York

one of my favourite bands for soul funk and a garage rock flare


Neckbeard Deathcamp from France

Black metal


The Living Eyes from Australia

Garage Rock


Wares from Manitoba, Canada

Power pop, indie fusion


Daddy Long Legs from New York

Bluesy garage rock n soul


Isotope from California

Is it metal? Is it hardcore punk? That is for you to decide. I like it whatever it is


박지하 Park Jiha — Korean Multi instrumentalist and Composer

Ambient, instrumental


The First Seed from Toronto Canada

Industrial Digital Hardcore


Brand new music from the band Self Defense Family from New York

The lyrics in the track “Secular Trust” are amazing


ELCHIVO from Mexico

Stoner rock/doom metal


A Culture of Killing from Italy

If The Cure, The Smiths and New Order went to Italy and had a baby


Coilguns from Switzerland

Hardcore/Metal Punk


New music from Dub Pistols from the UK

Dub reggae


HEY- SMITH from Osaka, Japan

3rd Wave Punk Ska stylings at it’s best


If you have faves please join me on twitter next time! Search the hashtag. It's not that hard to find ;)


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