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*This will never be like the old EatKS.

There will be shows, weird nonsense and my beloved No Pants Record Store Shopping posts.

I have missed sharing my music journeys with you but this is a small version of what I used to do.

And I have  finally come to terms with that a little is better than nothing. 

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No Pants Record Store Shopping Selections
When I check out a Bandcamp I listen to more than one track and try to check out their social media pages. I don't tolerate xenophobia in any form. All the links are hyperlinked to make it easier for you to check out music! If you say that there isn't good music out there anymore , then it just means you are not looking hard enough! Happy music hunting! Many thanks to all the twitter accounts that see the value in supporting the hashtag by tweeting their own music picks or retweeting and liking their favourites. Remember it costs you $0 dollars to tweet or retweet a band's links to buy their music  and your small effort means there is a better chance for that band to break through the internet noise. 
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