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February 2021 - No Pants Record Store Shopping

Bandcamp is and will forever be my favourite platform to buy and find music.

If you were on the internet for the MySpace music platform, then you will surely agree that Bandcamp has gone above and beyond what that space had to offer.

That’s not a criticism, it’s an observation that over time, that we should move forward.

While I appreciate everyone’s love of Spotify, and iTunes, I won’t go out of my way to support them on my platforms because during the pandemic (which is still happening) they have not done enough to help artists during these tough times.

We will continue to agree to disagree if Spotify is good or not ;)


Here are my picks for No Pants Record Store Shopping for this month:

If The Clash and Ramones had a baby in Italy you would get the band The Dirtiest from Italy

Not going to lie but Black Metal is only a genre a dabble in. Occultarum from Italy has a hint of Thrash Metal which I enjoy

A serious soulful cover of Squeeze’s Black Coffee in Bed

Long time punk band The Fleshtones have another new album and a track about Alex Trebek. I’m not crying, you’re crying

Mindnite Snaxxx from California

If Xray Spex did a a garage rock band

From the record label Girlsville some epic punk

New music from Drinking boys girls choir from Korea

New music from Killswitch

LaRose Jackson some serious soul from the Daptone Record Label

From Matsuna Records: Brownout I Jungle Fire


New track from The Black Fever


Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

A Nishnaabeg musician, poet, and storyteller from Canada

Yuno from Jacksonville Florida has a new track.

A killer hip hop track from Cartel Madras and Dom Dias

Calgary, Canada.

Remember to follow the hashtag #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping the first Friday of the month to help support bands on Bandcamp Friday.


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