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November 2021 - No Pants Record Store Shopping

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Bandcamp Fridays FAN FOREVER!! Right?

It’s been a while since I have done a proper bandcamp tweet session to help promote artists for Bandcamp Friday. Bandcamp continues to give 100% of the sales to artists the first Friday of every month. And while that doesn’t seem like a big deal, it kind of is, because not only does bandcamp take a cut to use their services, but so does PayPal.

Now, let’s do a little grade 3 math.

If you have 4 members in the band and a music fan buys 1 track for $1. That means for each person that buys that track each band member gets .25 cents! Not too shabby if you have tons of people buying your track and you don’t have to pay our service fees or you had to already pay out for studio time to record and mix your tracks.

The lesson learned is grade 3 math never talks about the hidden production costs and services fees so Johnny and his band members aren’t making that killing you think they are on bandcamp.If you think that is awful, then you should feel even MOAR awful about curating your spotify lists and subscribing to unlimited streaming on iTunes for $9.99 per month. Just sayin ;)

This month, I put out a contest for people to screenshot their bandcamp profile and I would select 3 winners randomly from the replies to win a bandcamp gift card. Only 3 people participated so they got ALL the gift cards and you all reading this post got nothing.

Shout out to these lovely music junkies for interacting on the twitterverse and getting gift cards.


Here are my picks for the month.

I am not one to listen to a lot of folk indie but I am smitten with Shannon Lay’s voice and the guitar arrangements on this album.

If you love dream pop fuzzy guitar stylings you will love this track from Hannah Jadagu

Gothy cold wave that makes you want to relive the 80’s goth scene. (that’s a compliment)

This is an important album. If you love world beat/dub and sound bites of Angela Davis and Chuck D as well as traditional Indigenous singers from Turtle Island, over a flow of raw drum & bass

If you no longer own any Nation of Ulyssess because your cassette got worn out or you loaned it out to a “friend” and never got it back. Dischord Records has it available digitally now. You should thank them.

This is some serious R&B soul/funk and the track is bird of paradise (my most favourite flower so of course I bought it)

The rare time that I tweet a Black Metal band, I mean the song Christfucker is something!

This track is one of those tracks that you can put on repeat. Afrobeat stylings from the band BLKCITY from New Zealand

I love the fact that this hardcore band Samad lives in Qatar.I have seen them play twice.

And soon Hard Sessions where I can see hardcore bands in Qatar will be back!

Track 2 is my most favourite.

This track is all the feels right now "Time is not on my side"

This is some serious 60 garage rock stylings

Super catchy psychedelic garage rock by This Other Kingdom from Dublin, Ireland

I do have some music genre wheelhouses that I love more than others, but if anything I hope that you enjoy a peek at the variety of other genres out there.

And hey, no one is stopping you from shouting at the rooftop with your faves. If you use the hashtag #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping, I will find it, and retweet it out!*

Remember to follow the hashtag #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping the first Friday of the month to help support bands on Bandcamp Friday.

And always a big thank you to my fellow music junkie friends in tweeting out their favourites for everyone else to check out.

*Please note that if you have a locked account and I don’t follow you, I won’t be able to see them. I read twitter bios and tweets of everyone I retweet, if you are a TERF, a racist, an anti-vaxxer, I won’t be retweeting your music tweets.




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