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EatKS: Do You Even Bandcamp Bro? Episode 3 August 2023

EatKS - Do You Even Bandcamp Bro?

Episode 3

EatKS (Everything and the Kitchen Sink) shows are a mix of old, new, global, and Bandcamp music all across the genres, sub-genres, and weird fusions. Do You Even Bandcamp Bro is a series where I solely focus on Bandcamp artists. I have dabbled with the idea of other themed shows, such as deeper cuts, which focus on less well-known songs from an album. (that is still a possibility)

I am so excited to finally take a moment, reflect, regroup and realize that this show, EatKS (the short form for Everything and the Kitchen Sink), needed to see the light of day again. For new listeners, this show started back in 2011, and it’s been a roller coaster of a ride. Even in the DIY scene, gatekeeping has always been a reality. I am a person who believes that you don’t stay quiet when there is xenophobia in the DIY circles. I will call out microaggressions and misogyny, sometimes publicly and sometimes behind closed doors, but when you do that, it means you also have to burn those bridges/connections.

I do realize that in 2020, I burned many bridges with other radio hosts, music bloggers, music sites and musicians because their allyship with certain marginalized groups or causes was just mere social bandwagoning only when it didn’t affect them, their friends, their networks were comfortable to speak out.

EatKS has been 100% DIY with a few kind supporters to help offset some of the costs to keep the lights on this nonsense. I am forever grateful to those supporters and also the supporters that share the show on their social media platforms. I can't quit this because I love music and I love sharing my love of music with you. It's like me creating a mixtape of bands for you.

12. Johnny Appleseed - Joe Strummer & The Mescelaros 


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