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EatKS: Do you even bandcamp bro?: Episode 2!

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

EatKS - Do You Even Bandcamp Bro?

Episode 2!

Sure it's been a while but good music come to those that wait! Or something like that.

This episode features tracks from two fantastic compilations as well as a TON of music from bands all over the world and lots of genres.

The show is called Everything and the Kitchen Sink for a reason.

  1. Clipping - “Say the Name

  2. Christian and The Sinners “You Sold Yourself For Nothing”

  3. BLKCITY “Pogba”

  4. Altin Gun - Ordunun Dereleri

  5. Bilal and Nikki Jean -”Black Coffee In Bed”

  6. Tommy Concrete and The Werewolves - “We Fought The Punk War”

  7. Acid Baby Jesus - “Hermit”

  8. Charles Bradley - Ain't It A Sin

  9. Cartel Madras and Dom Dias - “Drift”

  10. Clitoris Rex “Glue”

  11. Kill Bell - “Sad Song”

  12. Gaolers Daughter “When We Were Young”

  13. Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes - M.O.N.K. (Most Only Never Knew)


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