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Stitch Reviews: The Misandry EP

Album Title: The Misandry EP

Artist: hate fuck

Release Date: May 24, 2017

Record Label(s): N/A

A feminist queercore group from the UK, hate fuck is loud as hell about what they don’t like. In their 2017 release The Misandry EP, what they don’t like is… men and the patriarchy. And that’s fair considering that one of the core themes of queercore music is pushing back at a society that seeks to oust them and harm them simply for their queerness. However, across The Misandry EP, hate fuck does not deliver an experience I found motivating or… accessible.

Across six short songs (none of the tracks crack three minutes), hate fuck says a lot… but most of it is incomprehensible. I admit the sentiment expressed in songs like “Fuck Off Lads” and “Fuck The Tories”, but it’s also difficult to land on recognizable lyrics for more than a handful of words per song.

I listen to metal every so often, part of having a well-rounded musical diet. However, while hate fuck has tons of enthusiasm across their EP and strong music in and of itself, I found The Misandry EP difficult to listen to and largely unenjoyable because I could barely understand what they were shouting about. Even with my headset on, I couldn’t parse much of what was going on across this EP.

I recommend this album if: you hate men, I guess. No, just kidding. I don’t actually recommend this album… unless you’re actually a fan of heavy metal and largely incomprehensible lyric delivery.


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