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Stitch Reviews: Pro Choice

Album Title: Pro Choice

Artist: Radium Grrrls

Release Date: October 1, 2017

Record Label(s): N/A

Pro Choice is a six-track EP by punk queercore group Radium Grrrls. This Swedish group’s songs are short - with no song on Pro Choice cracking 2 minutes in length - but they sure are mighty.

Pro Choice opens with “Disorder”. There’s something thrilling about vocalist Emilia Henriksson shouting “Here’s my fist” across the song, but beyond that, the drums in this song are incredible. This whole album makes me feel like fighting, but I mean that in the best possible way.

Then, with “Demons”, Radium Grrrls takes on the demons in their lives. In this song, guitarist Christoffer Öster really just shows some serious skill and I loved the experience

“Pro Choice” is well… what you expect from the title. This song is absolutely an obvious pro-choice anthem and it delivers their demands with every ounce of the fury that you’d expect. In 2021 as I watch countries everywhere fumble their way to anti-choice legislation, I definitely feel like unhinging my jaw and shouting right alongside Emilia because she’s right: “We don’t need your control”.

Is “Slay” a girlboss anthem?


Does it make me want to uproot the system and maybe box someone’s ears until they cooperate?


I hate the expectation that I be nice to people in order to be taken seriously - especially because I’m never actually being “mean”. With “Slay”, I want to reach for my pen and get pokey and I love that this is what the track inspires with me.

“Tight Skin” is another fantastic track. It perfectly captures the highs and lows of life, the cycle of being on top of the world and then feeling like you’ve been buried underneath the weight of it all.

Closing out Pro Choice is the incredibly empowering “Grrrls Like Us”. It’s a track that’s all about shouting the patriarchy into submission and about what we actually need instead. Love the shouting, love the lyrics, absolutely vibing with the energy of the track! Overall, I think that Pro Choice is an excellent introduction to Radium Grrrls and I’m excited to check out their 2019 release later!

I recommend this album if: you enjoy being shouted at (I did in this case) and crave feminist queercore with a small but powerful bite!


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