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Stitch Reviews: Into the Cosmos

Title: Into the Cosmos

Artist: Rakiyah

Release Date: January 5, 2021

Record Label: N/A

Rakiyah is an up-and-coming R&B darling who made it onto my radar with her sweet 2020 single “Like You”. When she announced her EP Into the Cosmos and started dropping tracks in December, I was prepared for a musical experience that was frankly out of this world. And of course, Rakiyah provided. Starting off with the slinky and sexy “Whoa”, this five-track EP shows listeners that Rakiyah is one to watch.

Speaking of “Whoa”, this song is *good*. Rakiyah’s vocals are stellar, perfectly fitting the tease of the song as she serves up temptation on a platter. Following that is “3 AM”, a familiar R&B track that sees Rakiyah trying to let the guy she’s singing about know that she’s free whenever he is. Think of it as a modern-day relative of Whitney’s “Saving All My Love for You” because it will ping the same parts of your brain especially at the chorus and pre-chorus.

Then there’s “Over Again”, a sensual song that feels like a siren call. I know that Into the Cosmos is space-themed (visually, mostly) but there’s something about this song that makes me think of beaches and sirens. “Over Again” is in your face and straight up erotic on top of that, folks. I’m obsessed with the second verse because it’s so bossy and shameless with Rakiyah telling the object of her interest “Baby pipe down, you talking too much for me cuz right now my body knows what it needs”. Wow.

“Mars” is quite honestly out of this world. Starting with what I’m hoping is a Khia reference in the first verse (“my neck, my back baby”) and going on to the pre-chorus/chorus that have been stuck in my head from day one, this song is the song that I can’t stop singing. (I’m singing it as I type this review up, by the way!)

When I saw that Rakiyah would be linking up with Korean R&B artist J.cob for “The Invitation”, I knew this was going to be *my* song on the EP. On “The Invitation”, Rakiyah and J.cob seamlessly blend Korean and English in a steamy track about desire and lovers orbiting each other. This song *makes* the EP and I hope they collaborate again soon because this song is literally fire.

Rakiyah has other work available on platforms like Spotify (like her 2018 single “Alter Ego”), but Into the Cosmos is the perfect gateway to get into her work. Her voice is gorgeous and haunting, even when she’s singing about thirst on main. This is one of those releases that makes me wish we weren’t living in COVID-19 times because every single song on this EP was made for being hugged down in a club or at a party with a babe. Gosh! I could listen to her forever and I’m looking forward to the future of her career because I know her star will rise even higher than it already has.

I recommend this album if: you long for 90s R&B and Pop princesses like Aaliyah, love steamy and sexy R&B, are looking for the next big thing


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