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Stitch Reviews: Hapo Tu

SingleTitle: Hapo Tu (ft. Chris Kaiga)

Artist: Nyashinski

Release Date: Dec 11, 2020

Record Label(s): Geta International Ltd

A catchy, dance-inspiring tune by Kenyan rapper Nyashinski, “Hapo Tu” is bright and fun on the surface. The single also has Nyashinski singing to his past and bragging about his successes in a way that’s very emblematic of hip hop.

It’s such an engaging song even before you look up the translation from Swahili to English - and once you do that, “Hapo Tu” becomes an even better experience. Every second of “Hapo Tu” focuses on calling back to Nyashinski’s early days in the game, posturing in the face of haters, or shouting out the successes he’s had so far. Complementing Nyashinski excellently is Chris Kaiga. His verse is cheeky and flirtatious at points, and he namechecks Beenie Man, one of the dancehall greats in a way that amplifies that.

Overall, “Hapo Tu” is just a really great single that deserves even more recognition than it already has. This isn’t my first brush with Nyashinski, by the way. I checked out his album Lucky You last year upon release and I’ll be returning to it with a reviewer’s ear in the future.

I recommend this single if: you’ve been trying to figure out where to get started with afrobeats and Kenyan hip hop or you just want a quick introduction to Nyashinski before diving into the rest of his body of work.


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