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Stitch Reviews: Gravity

Album Title: Gravity

Artist: Classik

Release Date: October 22, 2016

Record Label(s): N/A

It is fitting that Toronto-based rapper Charles Monterroza chose “Classik” as his stage name. In his 2016 EP Gravity, Classik shines with a truly classic sound, the entire album an auditory throwback to hip hop in the Eighties and Nineties. You can hear the influences that that the so-called greats have had on everything from the beats Classik chose down to his flow in the different songs and it’s fun to recognize what he’s likely referencing in his songs.

The titular track, “Gravity” is an ode to hip hop and reaffirming Classik’s space in the genre. This song is clever and inspiring, with Classik talking about how while he’s afraid of losing the spark driving him down, gravity is the only thing actually holding him down. Then on “Heavy Shoulders”, Classik starts off rapping about what he wants from life and it starts out kind of shallow with him talking about wanting to smoke and drink but then it shifts to his career goals. Across Gravity is the recurring theme that Classik can’t get over the successes that he does have, but he’s hungry for more and more despite the burden that said success puts on him. You can hear that recurring theme in songs like “Walls Around Me”, “Problems”, and “Need That” as Classik looks at his past, present, and future as a rapper as well as what’s holding him back from being 100%.

Following that is “The Mission”. This song takes the typical message of what rapstars want from their careers and flips it on its head. As much as Classik wants the money and fame, that’s not his mission and he makes sure that you know it. Statements like “hip is the knowledge and hop is the movement” shouldn’t work, but with Classik’s delivery as he describes the music that moves him, somehow it does.

I think “Brave” might be my favorite song on Gravity because it feels like he’s speaking directly to the listener and connecting with them. And of course, I love the mellow beat and the positive chill notes to Classik’s delivery. The final track on Gravity, “You’re A Star” featuring J.Esho and D.Y.E, is yet another thematically inspirational song with the chorus reminding the user that they “gotta keep on going”. The features on this track are both new-to-me artists with unique voices and I plan on checking them out in the future!

Overall, Classik is an enigmatic and interesting rapper. On Gravity, Classik bounces across the different tracks with an engaging and energetic approach to each song. I plan on checking out his newer work in the future because if this is where he was at in 2016… what kind of music is he putting out in 2021?

I recommend this album if: you’re a fan of “old school” and moderately inspirational hip hop with an edge.


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