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No Pants Record Store Shopping August 2020 Edition

This month 32 twitter accounts participated in #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping tweet session with tweeting out, faving and retweeting bandcamp links. I am hopeful that more people will join with tweeting out band links so that so many other music genres will be featured in these tweet sessions. This tweet session movement is not about a few music genre it's about music fans helping spread the word about bands that they like to others. This months bandcamp gift card winners are @FiendsFreelance and @unhillbilly.

D MacDonald @paintedhuman

'Bored by the chore of saving face.' Prairie-hatched tumbleweed.

Apprentice welder. Mostly harmless. Non sum qualis eram. She/her, they/them

Bandcamp Friday again, they're waiving their cut so it all goes to the artists!

FLA's promoting Jeremy Inkel's posthumous album, Hijacker, out on vinyl and CD in November.

Part of sales = Vancouver Food Bank donation. Hijacker, by Jeremy Inkel

casee wilson@caseewilson

Singer-songwriter, singing teacher, blogger and music production geek.

She/her. If you like what I do, please buy me a gin!

Today is a #BandcampFriday and all my moosix is on pay what you want so, yeah, check it out! Thank you for your support! xxx

Hummingbird, by Casee Wilson

𝕄𝔸𝕊𝕋𝔸𝔾𝕆𝕆ℂℍ® @Marleveli

i know where the gold is buried.

Add "Green Monster" by Kaseem to the Wishlist on@Bandcamp

Christian D@ThatChristianD

Sounds like Joe Strummer and Nick Cave in a knife fight at Johnny Cash's house.

Christian and the Sinners e.p. out now - The Perversion of Something Good.

It’s #BandcampFriday where the artists keep the cash.

Here’s mine- dig in. 3 or 4 different flavours of trashy rock n roll-

M @northernmews Bandcamp Picks

From the Northern tundra of Minnesota. Now resides in England. Loves:

Cheerfully dark. Knitting, Infosec, and psychology. She/her.

I mean there's so much great music from @deerhoof but I really enjoy this album and Fresh Born. They also have a new album where proceeds to go BLM.

Offend Maggie, by Deerhoof

Still one of my favourite #BandcampFriday finds. It's @WitchProphet Check out all her music on this#NoPantsRecordStoreShopping day

DNA ACTIVATION, by Witch Prophet

It also wouldn't be a #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping and #BandcampFriday without mentioning@Operators_Band and the creativity involved. Love a bit of synth and check out all their music.

Faithless, by Operators

I Cried for 45 minutes Because of Passive Aggressive Guinea Pigs and other aggressive, grrrl music by@BruiseVioletMN

Survival of the Prettiest, by Bruise Violet

I love Peach Gloss by Sweat and @WWNBBcollective #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping

WWNBB#097 - Peach Gloss, by Sweat

One of our favourite venues. Check out @WindmillBrixton and help save our venues on #BandcampFriday. Also tweet along your favourite independent artists or find new ones using

𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕟 @erindagbjort Bandcamp Picks

LP & tape collector. Anthropologist. Bikes. Cats. Politics. Narwhals.

Erstwhile radio DJ, sometime @RedMoonRadio1 host & contributor @50thirdand3rd #quarantunes

Even if you don’t know Montreal-based, Vancouver-established band Dopey’s Robe yet, you should still get their new album, Velvet Skinner. No downloads yet (releases Aug 31) but their prev albums are garage-psych masterpieces!

VELVET SKINNER, by Dopey's Robe

I love Austin, TX’s Annabelle Chairlegs. Frontwoman Lindsey Mackin is a powerhouse & their sound brings together pop, psych & garage in the perfect rock n roll package. Releases Sept 1st, but worth it for the preview tracks now.

Gotta Be In Love, by Annabelle Chairlegs

Los Angeles’ Healing Gems are precisely the jewels you need in your collection right now. A technicolor blend of styles that hits just right, their music is exotic yet familiar, modern yet retro... basically all the adjectives!

Fiesta Pack, by Healing Gems

Another retro psych power punch, this time from the land of Oz. Sydney’s The Uplifting Bell Ends create a sonic landscape encompassing space, time, dystopia, utopia & everything between. If that’s what you’re into, you need it!

Super Giant & World Music Oddities, by The Uplifting Bell Ends

A pay-what-you-want single worth picking up — the amazing & prolific force that is Nolan Potter, hot on the heels of an album on Castle Face Records w/his Nightmare Band, this one is fun & unexpected in the best possible ways!

Dog Breath, In the Year of the Plague, by Nolan Potter

Speaking of prolific AND Castle Face Records, (Thee) Oh Sees have a new one, called Protean Threat, to be released on Sept 18. There’s not much that I can say that hasn’t already been said about these legends.

Protean Threat, by Oh Sees

I just learned about Saskatoon, SK’s Dump Babes & I’m glad I did. Melodic and dreamy psych with a touch of grit and twang, this self-titled EP from back in February is great summer listening!

Dump Babes, by Dump Babes

As noted, I’m a sucker for psych, garage & surf-inspired rock. I’m also a sucker for multilingual songwriting. Madrid’s The Parrots hit the mark for me — y tal vez pa’ ti también? Their new one, Los Niños Sin Miedo, is a banger

Los Niños Sin Miedo, by The Parrots

Psychic Love child recently followed me on Twitter and from there, I discovered the fantastic psychedelic singles that they’ve released this year. Give ‘em a follow here and grab their tunes from Bandcamp!

Psychic Love Child

Carolb @carolbonciutHost Bandcamp Picks

(with the most) Carol Barrett of Ruby Slippers Radio on CIUT 89.5 FM.

Lover of dogs, kids, pizza and jujubes. Not necessarily in that order

Black Willow, by LOMA

Feminine Values, by Ace of Wands

Wino Oracle EP, by The Zolas

Tranquility, by Ryan C. Schmeister

Goddess, by Bravestation

Julian Vardy @ceolandthegang Bandcamp Picks

Drummer, music fan,

founder of the Ceol Kids annual fundraiser for the Regent Park School of Music.

Donate to songs to pick our setlist for the show!

A late addition to my #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping list, love this band

I was lucky enough to back up Dana Sipos one amazing show at C’est What many years ago, still love her stuff

Trick of the Light, by Dana Sipos

This one is a few years old but I still listen to it constantly. It’s Miss Quincy and the Showdown and it’s amazing…

Roadside Recovery, by Miss Quincy & The Showdown

Cruel Thing, by Bad Luck Woman

Also, I met Raha when she was playing with a band called Shotgun Wedding Band but her latest project is just awesome. Check out Bad Luck Woman and her Misfortunes, you will love them:

Cruel Thing, by Bad Luck Woma

a band that @erindagbjort introduced me to several @Bandcamp Fridays ago, Shadow Show. Been in heavy rotation in my playlist since:

Silhouettes, by SHADOW SHOW

First of all, everything @joanersmith does is amazing, including her latest project, Joan Smith and the Jane Does:… definitely highly recommend that one

Nikki Is Global A Go Go @EatKS bandcamp picks

Cochemea Gastelum the saxophonist from Sharon and the Daptone Kings solo album that brings him back to his roots with some jazz/ funky and indigenous-influenced rhythms.

Hazy Sour Cherry from Japan - Jangly fuzz pop

Girlsville record label have just released great sampler of some their killer punk bands

Fruits record label is one of the best places to get Roots/Dub/Reggae music

Don’t forget to support indie record labels on #BandcampFriday!

Sub Pop is re-releasing L7's "Smell The Magic". You can buy it on CD, Vinyl or digital.

Groovie Records Label is one of the best places for rare soul. world beat music

Ontario Artists Against Injustice put out a compilation on June 19th featuring Black and Brown artists from different genres from Ontario. Boost the signal on this one.

Boris & Merzbow from Japan

Metal, Stoner Rock, Sludge

Gothy progrock with a world beat fusion -Baba Zula from Turkey

New Album from Era Bleak comes out on August 15

I really dig their fuzzy guitar punk style

Brand New Music from The Slackers

rocksteady/reggae/ska band

You all know that Elvis Costello would technically be considered Power pop, right?

Good! then you will love Kiwi Jr from Toronto

Boris & Merzbow from Japan

Metal, Stoner Rock, Sludge

Be Gay, Do Crime!" is a GIrlsville benefit compilation for Prism Health in Portland, Oregon.

The Midnight Kings from Italy

50’s and 60’s garage/rockabilly/surf stylings

This is more than just dubstep.

This is for music junkies that enjoy genre pushing instrumental layering with world beat vibes and production.

Mala from the UK

I don’t care if this is 4 years old. It is one of my fave Dub/Reggae track with a message

Refugee Blues by System D from Morocco /Germany

Rebelmatic from New York

Afropunk Hiphop fusion

Gold from The Netherlands

Gothy/Metal Fusion

NCY Milky Band from France

The track “Plus Profond” made me swoon

All that jazz has left me breathless. (get it? It’s a jazz band)


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