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No Pants Record Store Shopping Juneteenth Edition

Bandcamp is donating their portion of the sales to the NAACP an important grassroots organization that supports the advancement of rights of people of colour. Here are the tweets put out by music fans in support of the NoPantsRecordStoreShopping Marathon this week.Two twitter accounts received one of two $30 Bandcamp Gift Cards for tweeting out duing the Marathon! AND on top of that will all the twitter accounts that retweeted the hashtag or took part in the hashtag I was able to add $15 to my donation to Toronto Black Lives Matter for a total of $75. I know that in these times maybe you don’t have the money to donate, but you can also donate your space on social media platforms by promoting music, art, businesses that are from and by blacks and POCS. That takes no money, just your time. And right now, we all have a little more time ;)

Twitter handle: Jeremy Ranson @germyrancid

Bio: Volunteer DJ for A Sordid Hour on 101.5 CJUM

Zero Fucks Given, by The Hip Priests

Nihilistic punk and roll from Nottingham

New sampler from Ipecac Records. It's a free download, so not sure if counts for

But you can check out the bands links and purchase their stuff from there.

Old school country from the Canadian Prairies.

Straight out of the 60's, doo-wop garage R&B from Shannon & The Clams.

Synth-infused dark post punk from Vancouver.

Art punk from Siberia

Heavy prog rock featuring dueling bassists from the Prairies!

Vagina Witchcraft: Hardcore Doom Metal from my hometown!

Twitter Handle: 𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕟 @erindagbjort

Bio: LP & tape collector. Anthropologist. Bikes. Cats. Politics. Narwhals. Erstwhile radio DJ, sometime@RedMoonRadio1 host & contributor @50thirdand3rd #quarantunes

In my wishlist for Friday’s Bandcamp haul: the sophomore release from PAINT, a side project of Allah-Las guitarist/singer Pedrum Siadatian. Groovy guitar noodling & summer vibes

What do King Crimson, The Misfits, Melvins, Beach Boys, Tangerine Dream and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band have in common? Acoustic covers by the one and only Rob Crow, that’s what!

Sharing Mick Collins’ recent re-recording of The Dirtbombs’ classic cover of Underdog, by Sly & The Family Stone, “in honour of the anniversary of the release of Ultraglide In Black, and also because 2020”

If you follow or know me, it’s clear that I love me some good psych music. But did you know that I love a good cumbia? Bridging these two worlds beautifully, you NEED to check out Los Wembler’s de Iquitos

Twitter Handle:Carolb @carolbonciut

Bio: Host (with the most) Carol Barrett of Ruby Slippers Radio on CIUT 89.5 FM.

Lover of dogs, kids, pizza and jujubes. Not necessarily in that order

Twitter Handle: n dot reed's hot girl summer 2020 @ndotreed

Bio they/them|she/her. phantasmal; resplendent. a cowpoke elf. Cystic fibrosis, music, the Invisibles, ragnarok. @hibinvisible|@dangerclubpa|@taketoday

PROTEST SONGS: AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY is out now! It’s a compilation featuring a LOT of great music and all proceeds go towards BLM chapters.

Twitter handle: Owen @oharris69

Bio: Kiwi in Chicago|Foundation @CHIRPradio DJ|Web Content Management

Pro|PMP|Manus|Sarcastic| #AEM #tabledrums

Twitter handle: Kevin N Prince@mr45144

Bio: IT Accessibility, reluctant geek, fast planes, trains, cat wrangler Pom by birth,

Kiwi by choice. Opinions shared may not be deeply held - likes banter.

Have I mentioned New Zealands fantastic up and coming Mousey. Lovely indie pop.

Twitter Handle: Nikki Is Global A Go Go @EatKS

Yeah Right Records has a killer compilation out RIGHT now

31 tracks for 7 Bucks but seriously buy it for more because DUDE it’s 31 tracks!

All proceeds go to Black Lives Matter and other organizations that empower black communities.

Buy it now or stretch the power of your donation by purchasing it on June 19th when Bandcamp donates their portion to NAACP

The Skints from the UK

This track was featured on the EatKS solidarity playlist that I put out this week if you love ska and dub you need this in your life.

The Clipping - The Deep

this is an intense track, lyrically it hits you. It's a powerful statement to black voices. If you love experimental hiphop you need this in your life. It is also one of my favourite tracks.

Guerilla Toss from New York

If Strawberry Switchblade and Animotion from the 80’s had a baby

Synth pop gets a great update

FYI you 90’s nostalgia kids. Your fave bands like Danko Jones are still putting out records.

Here is the newest Rock album perfectly named Rock Supreme

Garage Rock and Soul goodness from Curtis Harding

I love this album so much that it was even featured on the EatKS solidarity show.

Wanna grab Danzig sings Elvis but are trying to avoid the crowds at the record shops?

Have no fear #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping is here to give you the link so you can buy in the safety of your home! WE GOTCHU!

The Foreign Resort from Denmark

If you love New Order and The Cure, you will enjoy this synth gothwave band

1977 punk rock stylings is alive and well in Australia with the band called Vintage Crop

Is your vinyl of The Dirtbombs Ultraglide in Black all scratched up? Have no fear #NoPantsRecordStoreShopping to give you a digital link is here!!

Plasma Canvas from Colorado

Serious hardcore punk driving guitar and heavy bass sounds. Think Pegboy but a tiny bit more angry?

SUGAREGG from Nashville

If Joan Jett and The Breeders had a baby

It’s not released till August but man I will be pre ordering this one!

This new album of all cover tracks from The Dollyrots is super catchy!

Clipping - Nothing is Safe from LA

This track came out in October 2019 but man this really hits home right now

Even if you are not a hip hop fan I guaranteed you will dig this track

Venin Carmin from France

Post punk with spooky organ - it’s pretty damn wild!

Decolonise Fest is a London-based DIY punk fest created by and for punx of colour and their complications of punk tunes are BRILLIANT

Black Pumas released an epic cover of Fast Car

DÔMO KÔMO from France

Psychedelic soul and experimental sounds

Inject the Light

1970’s garage punk stylings

If you like Leon Bridges soulful voice but enjoy a little more pop then you just might enjoy Garth’s 2018 release

The one and only - Lee Scratch Perry

Dead Buttons from Seoul Korea

Garage Rockabilly Punk stylings

I Break Horses from Sweden

Dreaming music that is soundtrack worthy


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