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No Pants Record Store Shopping July 2020 Edition

Bandcamp is once again giving their portion of sales to the artists so here is a list of bands picked by music fans for music fans. If you don't have the cash to buy music you can simply help spread the word of these or your favourite bands on your social media platform, that costs you nothing but a small amount of time ;)

Thank you to the following twitter peeps for help spreading the word by retweeting the hashtag!

@paintedhuman @RandomOrderband @mr45144 @CaffeineAndHate @staticinverona @cakeypigdonkey @hugeshark @SohnsTed @StevoMusicMan @shawnclarke @carolbonciut @MrTumshie @TrojanFan1969 @stereodynamite @northernmews

Twitter accounts found tweeting out links and the hashtag. See? It is like a search engine!

@KumaTKG https://kuma.bandcamp.com/

@Marleveli https://kaseem.bandcamp.com/album/push-it-to-the-limit

@_YeahRight https://yeahrightrecords.bandcamp.com/album/black-lives-matter

@Mr45144 https://mrsterileassembly.bandcamp.com/album/the-rejects-usually-respect-your-defects

@hibinvisible https://howibecameinvisible.bandcamp.com/album/challenger

All money goes to BLM Philly, Bail Project, and Trevor Project.

Twitter Handle: Carolb @carolbonciut

Bio: Host (with the most) Carol Barrett of Ruby Slippers Radio on CIUT 89.5 FM.

Lover of dogs, kids, pizza and jujubes. Not necessarily in that order







Twitter Handle: 𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕟 @erindagbjort

Bio: LP & tape collector. Anthropologist. Bikes. Cats. Politics. Narwhals. Erstwhile radio DJ, sometime@RedMoonRadio1 host & contributor @50thirdand3rd

#quarantunes https://redmoonradio.podomatic.com/

Check out the new single from my pals in the UK band Dead Coast @deadcoastband, with Suffer’s Ready. Summery vibes punctuated by flute — how can you resist??


in my wishlist as a pre-order tomorrow (and the album is out on my birthday!), Toronto’s Tough Age (@toughage) have a new one, Which Way Am I, with part of proceeds supporting local agencies in Toronto & BC https://tough-age.bandcamp.com/album/which-way-am-i

Been a while since I’ve heard anything from Paris’ Travel Check —they were one of the first bands I found on Bandcamp back in the day! — but this new single on Howlin’ Banana is slick. Garage rock at its finest! https://howlinbananarecords.bandcamp.com/album/hate-the-night

Another fab EP of psych-tinged synth pop/synth-tinged psych pop, w/ echoes of Rob Crow projects, from pals in Vancouver’s RE/GEN @regenyvr. All proceeds support Unist'ot'en Camp legal fund & Hogans Alley Society https://softgoods.bandcamp.com/album/absence

Picks from @northernmews

Bio: From the Northern tundra of Minnesota. Now resides in England.

For my first Minnesota love, it's https://mysocalledhaley.bandcamp.com/

We could all use a bit of Liquid Lunch by Suitman Jungle. https://suitmanjungle.bandcamp.com/

My favourite for synth. Another opportunity to show off your dance moves and support artists.https://operatorsband.bandcamp.com/

For all your grrrl band needs, https://bruiseviolet.bandcamp.com/

Definitely my kind of Summer vibe. Peach Gloss


Another of my favourite Minnesota artists I recommend The Reluctant Graveyard but they're all great! https://jeremymessersmith.bandcamp.com/

And now time for a few on my wishlist and recently discovered. For those darker days, it's Vulgarite https://vulgarite.bandcamp.com/releases

a bit of Bossa Nova.


Fun demo from @automnezingg . As she says, more fuzz, more eyeliner! Discovered through another https://laceyspacecake.bandcamp.com/album/bedroom-demos

I can't pick just one album to love from

so check them all out on Bandcamp and don't forget tomorrow Bandcamp is waiving fees to help support the artists! https://thescaramangasix.bandcamp.com/

Twitter Handle: Nikki Is Global A Go Go @EatKS

Too Much from Washington D.C.

It’s a Daft Punk and Gorillaz vibe and I am loving it.


Slave to Sirens from Lebanon

Thrash Death Metal Band


Erik Nervous and The Beta Blockers from San Francisco

If The Dead Kennedys and The Damned had a baby


Dreamy shoegaze pop

SUBSONIC EYE from Singapore


If Tom Waits and The Cramps had a baby in Japan

THE SWAMPS - from Japan


Say Sue Me from South Korea

Dreamy pop/shoegaze


Tommy and The Commies from Sudbury Ontario, Canada!

If Elvis Costello and The Buzzcocks had a baby


Washed Out from Perry, Georgia

Electric pop with a reggae vibe! I am loving this!!!!


Sweet Sleep from Japan

If Peter Murphy or Gavin Rossdale and Trip Hop music genre had an experimental music baby but it was in Japan.


NO MAN is an epic hardcore punk band from Washington D.C.


Electric Hydra from Sweden

Stoner/Prog Rock


Analog Africa record label is one of my favourite independent record labels to get killer world beat music

Ranil is a renowned Peruvian artist. This album is filled with Peruvian/Cuban funk vibes


If your wheelhouse is black/death/thrash metal with some doominess then you might like this band Mulla from Iraq


Mariachi Reyna des Los Angeles

all-female ensemble slaying and breaking down those barriers!


Sister Species from Minnesota

Haunting voice with epic folk musical arrangements


New music from Witch Prophet from Toronto

Loving this jazzy hip hop vibe soooooo good


This band is Fugazi meets Viletones - Basic Human from Australia

garage/heavy bass riffs/punk


Swim Team from Ohio

Some serious garage rock n roll


Buena Onda Reggae Club from São Paulo Brazil

This is a serious fusion of Dub Reggae Ska


Lucidvox from Russia

Gritty Psych Rock with some very unique musical arrangements


Valerinne from Romania - Brooding Baselines, fuzzy guitars - if shoegaze and metal had a crossover this would be it


Los Barrelshots from Ecuador

if you like traditional ska/reggae/rocksteady then you will love this


Serious dub collab from Switchy Dub, Monkey D, Lofti (Fu-Steps), Ultra K, Jennifer Paulos, Imanytree from France


Rude Boys and Rude Girls you need this in your life

Dub Pistols newest album featuring Rhoda Dakar of The Body Snatchers!


If you are a UK SUBS fan then you will love the band Subdued



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