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EatKS - Everything and the Kitchen Sink April 2020 (Metal) Show

Metal in brackets coz I don’t need the villagers coming at me with their pitchforks ;)

A while back fans of EatKS supported my nonsense by retweet a tweet. I promised them a metal show, sadly I don't think this is the metal they will be looking for. If it inspires you to create your own show, then my job is done.

If you end up finding a band here that you enjoy because this isn't your run of the mill "Metal" show, then my job is done.

And yes, all the bands are hyperlinked (with a no google follow- I think that means you can happily click on the link without feeling you are feeding an algorithm from your computer or something)

Happy listening and tell your friends that Nikki is sort of , kind of, back to making shows.

Bastard Child Death Cult - “American Graveyard” *

Samad - “Treacheries”

Power Trip - “Hornet Nest”

Malhavoc - “Naked” *

Brutus - “Fliflu”

Blast Bitch - “Sociedad”

Iszoloscope - “Stretched into the Thereafter”

Kill the Kong - “Interstellar”

Cancer Bats - “Devil’s Blood” *

HIMIKO - “Why War”

Slayer - “Filler/ I Don’t Want to Hear It”

Red Market - “Young Blood”

Immortal Bird - “Saprophyte”

3TEETH/Ho99o9 - “Lights Out”

*denotes Canadian artist


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